Young Adults


Fellowship Young Adults is a community of college students, young marrieds, and young adults, age 18 - 30 somethings. We’re a motley crew from all different walks of life, united by our love of Jesus and our desire to help others find and follow him. 

Panel Discussions

Monthly panels provide a space for young adults to grow in knowledge and in a relationship with each other. We’ll dig into different topics over lunch, practicing healthy debate and hearing from a variety of different perspectives. We’ll meet at the Urish campus in the Fireside Room.

August 5th from 12:15 to 1:30 PM - click here to register


Summertime is crazy. Everyone has so much going on, but God has called us to slow down enough to hear His voice. Join us for a day away from all the noise. We’ll spend time encountering God through prayer, worship, study, intentional conversation, and fun. 

Click here to register for the retreat.

July 27th - 28th at Rock Springs 4-H Center

Social Events 

Times and Locations Vary

At Fellowship, we value authenticity and believe that this can only be accomplished by spending time together. Whether we’re meeting for coffee on Saturday mornings or for volleyball on Thursday night, we have fun together and we want you to come! For more information on these events, feel free to check out our Facebook Group.