New To Fellowship?

We know it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you're not exactly sure about the details that matter to you. If you have questions about FBC, this is a great place to look around and find out more. There’s information about our values, Connecting Point, and our leadership. We’ve also collected some Frequently Asked Questions, which will address some of the common things that visitors wonder about FBC. We encourage you to check out opportunities to connect to community and upcoming events at FBC on the left. We understand that a web site can only answer a certain number of questions, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to visit the contact page and shoot us any question you have.  Here's a video of how God has used FBC in the lives of people in the last few years.  The testimonies they share are the reason FBC exists and why we remain committed to our vision and mission to see transformed lives leaving a Godly legacy through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.