Our vision is that your child will be established in their faith on a transforming journey with Christ. In the end, that is what life is really all about. The grades will not matter, the accolades of sports will fall away, but a thriving relationship with God through Jesus Christ will last forever.


The Mountain

The Mountain is our Children’s Ministry Program for children ages birth through 6th grade and is during all three church services, Saturday evenings at 5:00 pm and Sunday mornings at 9:15 am and 11:00 am.

 Much like climbing a mountain, so is the journey of each growing child embarking on new stages of life and adventures as they find and follow Jesus. We want to partner with you on this journey that can be like climbing a mountain – challenging, joyful, hard, and rewarding.

Annual Mountian Trip

Every summer to culminate your 6th-grade child’s journey in our Mountain program, we invite them, one parent, and their Trail Guide (community group leader) to travel with us to Leadville Colorado to hike up to the summit of Mount Sherman (14,036 ft). We desire that each child will grow closer to God, their parent/guardian, and their peers while they have fellowship, worship, and are challenged and encouraged on this fantastic adventure.

The Nursery

Age Group: Birth through age 2

The Nursery is located in the lower atrium. We want to provide a safe place for our youngest attenders to bloom. The nursery rooms are clean, equipped with age-appropriate toys and books, and divided into five age groups: 0-9 months, 9-15 months, 16-21 months, 21-28 months, and 29+ months. Each week the children in our nursery learn about their Maker and Savior through the Base Camp (Preschool) Curriculum that we adapt to suit their age and stage

Base Camp

Age Group: 3 years old through age 5

Our Base Camp program is for children ages 3 through 5. Base Camp is located in the long hallway of the lower level. Cabin 3 holds our 3-year-olds. Cabin 4 is home to our 4-year-olds, and 5-year-olds start their journey in Cabin 5. 

 Never boring, our children begin their adventure with a large group teaching and song time that takes place in the Base Camp room before returning to their rooms for their Trail Group (community group) time. That’s right; even our preschool students are in community groups. We believe that if we can engage them in community at an early age, they will never want to live without it. In their community groups, they play games, read stories, do crafts, and eat snacks that are all centered on the lesson of the day.


As the journey leaves Base Camp in the rearview mirror, the next goal is climbing the Mountain. These elementary years mimic well an actual Mountain expedition; parts are challenging, thrilling, exhilarating, deflating, stretching, but our desire is that final destination truly resembles summiting Mt. Sherman– breathtaking. We have two programs for our elementary children, the Saddle and the Summit.


Age Group: Kindergarten through 4th Grades

As our kindergarten-4th-grade children trek through the Saddle portion of our program, they begin to gain an understanding of God’s Story and that they are a part of it. During their trek each week, they will worship through song, have an engaging large group teaching time, and play games. Still, the essential part of their journey will be with the same Trail Guide (community group leader)each week and their peers in their Trail Group (community group) time to help them grow in their relationship with God and each other. You will find our kindergarten-4th-grade children in the lower level of the Children’s Building each weekend.


Age Group: 5th and 6th Grades

Ever been climbing a mountain, you’re almost done, feeling exhausted, and everyone is passing you running to the top? You then pause, take a breath, realize how far you have come, your friends are with you, and the scenery is beautiful? Pre-teens often feel that way. It can be both a confusing and exciting time. This is why we have a program specially tailored for our 5th and 6th-grade children, the Summit. With a lot of fun, excellent large group teaching, and heartfelt trail group (community groups) discussions—our 5th and 6th-grade children explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make as they learn to own their faith. Our 5th and 6th-grade Summit Program is located in the upper level of the Children’s Building. 

 To take advantage of these great programs, your first stop is the New Family Check-In station in front of the Nursery. Park Rangers, our adult check-in leaders, in the green shirts, will help check your kids in and escort you to the right location. You will receive a security tag with a code for you and a matching nametag for your child(ren). Your security tag will be required to pick-up your child(ren) at the end of the service to ensure the safety of all of our kids. To make your first-time check-in faster, you can start here by filling out your family information ahead of time.


Age Group: Birth through 6th Grades

The Special Needs Ministry at Fellowship Bible Church is designed to support those with special needs and their families. Volunteers come alongside persons with special needs, allowing them to more fully participate in the life and activities of the church while enabling their families to experience worship and fellowship with the church family. Please use the links below to register. If you have questions about this ministry, please contact Kielyn Smith at .

To sign up for the Special Needs ministry, please Click Here
If you would like to volunteer in the ministry, please Click Here

Playgroups for Moms of Young Children

Age Group: 6 and under

This is an excellent experience of fellowship for moms with children birth through age 6 and a fun time for the children to play, hear a story, or do a craft! Our prayer is that this wouldn’t just be another commitment to make and manage but a sweet necessity to help you find community as a mom. All our events are open to the community, so feel free to bring a friend along with you!

 We look forward to you joining us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month through May (exceptions December and May 2nd Wednesdays only).


If you are interested in volunteering in our Mountain or Base Camp ministry please fill out the online application below.

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