Community Groups


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We are designed for community!

God intends for us to share life together with others who are also seeking to grow with Him. This is why community groups are an essential part of church life at Fellowship, and why we encourage everyone to find community.

What is community? At Fellowship, we define community as a group of people joyfully sharing life as they find and follow Jesus Christ. It is spending regular time with others in a home, public space, or at a workplace. Community is time in God's word, enjoying fellowship, caring for the needs of one another, loving our neighbors, and holding each other accountable for growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married/engaged couples, singles, men’s, women’s, with kids, without kids, etc.! No matter where you are or who you are, we will help you find a group or help you start a community group.

How do I find community? You can start by filling out our  Community Group Interest Form and we'll start the process from there!

Interested in leading a group? Please submit the Group Leader Application.

If you have any questions about life-giving community at Felllowship, contact our Community Life Director, Warren Wilson, , 785.478.0002. 

Ways to stay in community during the coronavirus.