Foundational Verse

1 Corinthians 7:17 - LEAD the Life
Let each person LEAD THE LIFE that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.

Mission: Helping Men Find and Follow Jesus Christ
Vision: We want to see transformed men leading, loving, and leaving a godly legacy
Values: Loving relationships, Life-giving resources, Life-changing experiences
Strategy: Calling men to connect, grow, serve, and lead

Focus Areas

Connect - Inviting every man to connect with his God, family, friends, and purpose.

• Passion: Calling men into authentic relationships and life-giving community with other Christian men with similar experiences, life stages or interests.
• Examples: Men’s Breakfast, Father/Daughter Dance, Father/Son Campout, Golf, etc.

Grow - Equipping every man to live out his purpose with biblical, practical insight.

• Passion: Seeing men live out their faith through a deeper understanding of the Word and applying it in their lives.
• Examples: Bible Studies, Discipleship, Accountability Groups

Serve - Unleashing every man to meet pressing needs around him.

• Passion: Serving the needs of others while working shoulder-to-shoulder with other men.
• Examples: Men of James, Work Crew, Event Hosts

Lead - Developing the next generation of godly leaders to help others find and follow Jesus Christ.

• Passion: Growing men into godly leaders in the home, church, businesses and community.
• Examples: Mentoring, Life Coach, Apprenticeship

Mentor Application
Mentee Application

AWAKE | Fellowship Men's Podcast

The Awake Podcast is an ongoing conversation where we discover the potential that God has for every man who is willing to live their life awake, aware, and available to Him. Join Joe Hishmeh and special guests as they dive into various subjects impacting the lives of men. Subscribe on Spotify & Apple Podcasts or listen to it below! If you prefer to watch the podcast video, click here




A gathering of all men for a time of worship, fellowship and call to action Held every 4 months (January, May, September) as an introduction to Fellowship MEN and a call to get involved in upcoming events for the next 4 months. The primary entry point for men to get introduced to Fellowship MEN and to get involved with the ministry opportunities at Fellowship.