Foundational Verse

1 Corinthians 7:17 - LEAD the Life
Let each person LEAD THE LIFE that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.

Mission: Helping Men Find and Follow Jesus Christ
Vision: We want to see transformed men leading, loving, and leaving a godly legacy
Values: Loving relationships, Life-giving resources, Life-changing experiences
Strategy: Calling men to connect, grow, serve, and lead

Focus Areas

Connect - Inviting every man to connect with his God, family, friends, and purpose.

• Passion: Calling men into authentic relationships and life-giving community with other Christian men with similar experiences, life stages or interests.
• Examples: Men’s Breakfast, Father/Daughter Dance, Father/Son Campout, Golf, etc.

Grow - Equipping every man to live out his purpose with biblical, practical insight.

• Passion: Seeing men live out their faith through a deeper understanding of the Word and applying it in their lives.
• Examples: Bible Studies, Discipleship, Accountability Groups

Serve - Unleashing every man to meet pressing needs around him.

• Passion: Serving the needs of others while working shoulder-to-shoulder with other men.
• Examples: Men of James, Work Crew, Event Hosts

Lead - Developing the next generation of godly leaders to help others find and follow Jesus Christ.

• Passion: Growing men into godly leaders in the home, church, businesses and community.
• Examples: Mentoring, Life Coach, Apprenticeship

Mentor Application
Mentee Application


A gathering of all men for a time of worship, fellowship and call to action Held every 4 months (January, May, September) as an introduction to Fellowship MEN and a call to get involved in upcoming events for the next 4 months. The primary entry point for men to get introduced to Fellowship MEN and to get involved with the ministry opportunities at Fellowship.