Rooted Facilitator Application

Rooted. 10 weeks that will connect you to God, your Church, and your purpose.

Whether you are new to a relationship with Christ or you have walked with Him for a long time, Rooted has the potential to transform your life and how you relate to God, your Church, and your purpose. Rooted combines helpful content with meaningful experiences that help people discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, built on faith’s foundational elements such as worship, generosity, service, evangelism, prayer, and studying God’s Word.



Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next Rooted session be offered?

September 12th is our launch date for fall 2022.

If the latest Rooted class has started and you are interested in joining the next session of the class, please let us know of your interest by filling out the Rooted Interest Form.

When will the next Rooted session be offered?

In this time of uncertainty, we do not have a specific start date but will communicate with you as we make decisions. Please let us know of your interest by filling out the Rooted Interest Form.

What is the commitment for Rooted?

Your group will meet for 10 weeks to discuss the daily devotion. There are 5 daily devotions each week. Time spent in the daily devotion varies but averages 20-30 minutes. You will participate in a prayer experience and service experience outside of your weekly group time. And, in the days following Session 10, we will celebrate our time together and what God has done in the lives of those participating. Check out the Rooted Framework.

Can I sign up with a group of people to go through Rooted with?

Yes, your group can go through this experience together. Your current leader can lead, or we can help identify someone to lead your group. Contact us to find out more information.

Is there a cost to participate in Rooted?

The cost to attend Rooted is $25 per person. Needs-based scholarships are available. Please contact Cody Lekan,  for more information.

Where do Rooted groups meet?

Rooted groups will  meet at the Fellowship Bible Church building, 6800 SW 10th, Topeka, Kansas 66615.

Is children's Ministry programming available?

There is childcare available for 2022, please register your children from your Rooted confirmation email that you will receive upon registering for the class. Registration in advance for child(ren) is mandatory.  There will be a fee per child when you register your children.


Do I have to go through Rooted to get into a community group?

No, but we believe Rooted provides a great foundation for life-giving community. Our hope is everyone at Fellowship will participate in Rooted and continue in a community group. But, if Rooted is a ways out and you wish to be in community prior to or without going through Rooted, please fill out our Community Group Interest Form.

Do Rooted groups transition into community groups?

We hope so! As you go through Rooted, your group will talk about continuing as a community group. If your group does not continue together, we will help you find a community group that you can grow with.

Is this for the "new Christian" or "seasoned Christian"?

Rooted is for everyone! We believe we can all learn and grow through Rooted.


For more information contact Cody Lekan at